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September 27, 2010

We camped in the Canyon on the starry night of September 26, and arose just before dawn to get to Pueblo Bonito in time for the early morning light. The plan was to photograph the doorways in the eastern part of the ruin using the dawn light for dramatic effect. While eating breakfast in the Pueblo parking lot, a giant green meteor, shooting out red sparks, slowly crossed the sky from east to west on a path that took it right over the Pueblo! I wondered if it was a good or bad omen? We took it as a good omen and entered the pueblo with tripod and camera in hand. The lighting was everything hoped for and I took many photographs. The main envisaged scene was the doorways from south to north, and, after taking many photos of it, we headed through the doorways all the way to the end room to the north. I looked back through the doors and there was the shot! The lighting was a golden glow and the doorways were in an interesting order and the lighting was sufficient to dimly light the shadows. The light was good later in the morning for exterior photography – lower on the horizon and with good cross illumination.