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The Scippo-Scioto Earthworks, A newly Discovered Earthwork in Pickaway County, Ohio

15 Apr
April 15, 2017
Jerrel C. Anderson
Vienna, West Virginia


The government Agriculture Department aerial photographs taken of the Ohio landscape in 1938 have again proven (Anderson, 1980) to be a fertile ground for the discovery of ancient earthworks. I am preparing a series of articles on what I have discovered over the last 50 years of the archaeology of southern Pickaway and northern Ross Counties of Ohio. In line with this, the government aerial photographs and the much more recent Google Earth ones are being used in the search for undiscovered earthwork sites.

The earthwork complex covered in this article was very obvious in the 1938 aerials and also in later aerials. It is incredible that this earthwork was not found by someone before this. The salient feature evident in the 1938 photo was a circular earthwork situated on the high bluff above the Scioto River a short distance west of its junction with Scippo Creek. This circle lies very near the southern end of the Pickaway County Airport runway. Inspection of other aerial photos revealed that this circle is surrounded by other features making this earthwork a complex one of major size and also one with a unique character.

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